Posted on October 2008

Health Promotion Essays

health promotion essayDo you need help with writing health promotion essays? You have come to the right place then. Here you will find all information necessary to know for completing health promotion essays.
First, let us define the term ‘health promotion’ itself. Health promotion is a program that helps people improve and control their overall health.
What are the means of health promotion?
You have to know basic means of health promotion if you decide to devote your health promotion essay to this matter. So, basic means of health promotion comprise Health Education and Social Marketing.

  • Health education is a program that teaches people to maintain their health;
  • Social marketing functions for the benefit of society and can be used to help society maintain its well-being.

However, if you decide to write about this in your health promotion essay, you will have to find more information on health education and social marketing.
What are the basic principles of health promotion?
Writing essays on health promotion is impossible if you are unaware of the main principles of health promotion. So, they are:

  1. Prerequisites for health: advocate, enable, mediate;
  2. Create supportive environments;
  3. Strengthen community action;
  4. Develop personal skills;
  5. Reorient health services.

So, if you decide to devote your health promotion essay to the basic principles of health promotion, you may discuss what each of them is about and how people can benefit from them.
How to structure health promotion essays?

  • Introduction – state the problem under consideration and the thesis statement of your health promotion essay;
  • Main Body – develop your ideas on the problem and support your statement;
  • Conclusion – summarize all ideas presented in your essay on health promotion.

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