essays on Malcolm XMalcolm X – is one of the brightest and the most controversial figures of the Civil Right Movement. Debates about him and his role in the struggle against racial discrimination are still burning.
What do you think about Malcolm X? How do you evaluate his actions and ideas? Probably, you do not know much about him. Well, it is better to find some information. Very soon, you will have to hand in an essay on Malcolm X!
By the way, let us discuss issues that can be discussed in essays on Malcolm X. You know, a lot of students tend to highlight his biography. It is not a bad choice, but it can turn into a research paper about Malcolm X.
That is why in this article we want to suggest you some ideas for consideration in papers on Malcolm X.
Prophet Eliezer and Malcolm X
Both of them faced injustice in their lives. Both of them had to struggle for equality and freedom. Still, they had different reactions to the same events that you can investigate in your essay on Malcolm X. Prophet Eliezer saw misery and lost his belief in God. Malcolm X, on the contrary, strongly believed in God. Find other examples of his strong will and belief and introduce them in your essay on Malcolm X.
Martin Luther King and Malcolm X
These were two the most prominent leaders of the Civil Right Movement. However, they had rather different views. In your essay on Malcolm X, you can compare their speeches – “Letter from Birmingham Jail” and “The Black Revolution”. They used different means of communication and, thus, sent different messages to the audience. Give more details about it in the essay on Malcolm X.
Malcolm X and his Transformations
Throughout his life, views and beliefs of Malcolm X underwent numerous changes. Investigate the events that caused those transformations in the essay on Malcolm X.
If you want to produce a thrilling essay on Malcolm X, we advise you to read “The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley”.
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