essays on Aristotle’s EthicsWell, well, you were assigned to write an essay on Aristotle’s Ethics. At a glance, this assignment seemed to be quite challenging. This feeling became even more intense when you started searching for material to prepare a worthy essay on Aristotle’s ethics. Let us guess why.
Most likely, you have come across the Eudemian Ethics and the Nicomachean Ethics. Your first thought was “Fine, which of these two Ethics should I use in my essay paper on Aristotle’s Ethics”.
You know, you can use both or one of them. These are two ethical treatises written by Aristotle almost on the same issues.
Another problem that you saw on your way to completing the essay on Aristotle’s Ethics was somewhat complicated language used by Aristotle. Well, maybe for somebody it is a reason to feel depressed. Yet, it should not be a problem for you.
Below, you will find basic themes highlighted in Aristotle’s ethical treatise, which you can also discuss in your essay on Aristotle’s ethics.
Essays on Aristotle’s Ethics: What is good for people?
Aristotle did not try to make a list of good for people things. He wanted to understand what goods are more preferable or desirable for a person. In other words, the major question you have to answer in your essay on Aristotle’s Ethics is “What is the highest good?”
Essays on Aristotle’s Ethics: Akrasia and Enkrateia
In modern English, these words will sound like “incontinence” and “continence”. What do you actually have to decide here? Can a person guided by his/her emotions be called weak?
Essays on Aristotle’s Ethics: Pleasure
Aristotle says that pleasure is really important for human life. What particular things did Aristotle mean under pleasure?
Essays on Aristotle’s Ethics: Friendship
What was Aristotle’s vision of friendship? What was his vision of a genuine friend?
Certainly, this is not an exhaustive list of topics for discussion. So, if you have time and desire, you should read one of the treatises.

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