Posted on January 2009

Literature Review Format

A literature review is not the same as a book review. While a book review is a critical evaluation of a certain book with all the genre requirements it has, a literature review is a summary of literature studied for a specific goal.
From this point of view, literature review format is extremely important. A correctly written literature review is already a step towards a part of your future dissertation or, if you are already writing a dissertation, a step to its successful completion.
Literature review format can vary. Not boundlessly, of course, but it can be different according to the goal.
Here are most typical literature review formats:

  1. Literature review format for a certain discipline.
  2. Literature review format corresponding to the final goal of the writing.
  3. Literature review format written to be published.

These are only a few of literature review formats you can come across. Categorizing them right now can be a waste of time. The best advice we can give you, if you are writing a dissertation, is: address all the questions about literature review format to your dissertation counselor. This person, assigned to assist you throughout the writing process, definitely knows all the requirements as to this part. Once you get the guidelines or assistance, start working.
Literature review format requires:

  • In depth knowledge of theoretical material on a certain topic.
  • Wide search.
  • Well-processed material.
  • Classification and categorization of literature selected for a review.
  • Its critical review.
  • Your summary.

Remember that any literature review format is a matter of time. In the end, you will get just a chapter – several pages of writing with weeks of work behind it.

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