essay on mental healthMental health disorders are really an acute problem that our society faces. For instance, did you know that 4.6 million people are diagnosed to have Alzheimer’s disease each year? The rate of this dementia is expected to increase twice in 2040.
What do these numbers tell us about? Can we consider mental health problems to be the concern of those particular people who face them? Can this be called a kind of threat to the whole nation?
You can evaluate the scope of the problem and give predictions for the future in your essay on mental health. Yet, you also need the main idea for your essay on mental health.
If you are stuck with writing the mental health essay because you lack ideas, let us give you several prompts.
Anxiety disorders in essays on mental health
It seems that the great majority of people do not pay much attention to the “butterflies in their stomach.” It is quite natural to be anxious before an exam, the first date, or any other extreme situation.
However, many people do not notice that such anxiety turns into their usual state, and it is called anxiety disorder from that moment. This is what you can discuss in your paper on mental health, since anxiety disorders are considered typical mental health disorder. Particularly, your essay on mental health can be focused on panic disorder, social phobia, acute stress disorder, etc.
Bipolar disorders in essays on mental health
It is not a secret that the life of every person is about different moods. People have mood rises and falls, and it is considered to be normal. However, there are people who suffer from abnormal mood fluctuations, which are called bipolar disorder (aka Manic-Depression). It is a serious problem that is really worth considering in essays on mental health.
Childhood mental disorders
Autism, mental retardations, ADHD, disorders of learning…These are just a few disorders that may appear in the early childhood and become a problem for the rest of life. The ways of detecting and preventing these disorders might be the focus of your essay on mental health.
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