response essayWhat is your reaction? This question can be defined as the one you need to answer when writing a response essay. “Reaction to what?” you may wonder. Mainly, this kind of essay responses to something read, sometimes to a movie seen.
So, if you are not experienced in writing response essays, our recommendations will be helpful. By the way, we advise you find and study sample response essays if you really do not know much about this kind of papers.
Anyway, here are some basic guidelines for writing effective response essays.
Things to do before writing a response essay
First, read or watch the work you are going to discuss. Jot down your first ideas and impressions. What is your overall attitude and impression from what you have read/seen? What have you heard about this work and its author before?
Writing the response essay itself
A response essay like any other essay has a standard structure: an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusions. The introduction of your response essay should include the following information:

  • The title of the work and the name of its author;
  • A short summary of the main points;
  • Your thesis statement.

The body of the response essay should include explanations of your reaction to the work. Basically, you need to answer questions like:

  • Do you agree or disagree with the author?
  • How do you evaluate the story?

Useful phrases for your essay
You probably remember the rule of not using “I” in your essays. This time, you can use:

  1. I think;
  2. I feel;
  3. In my opinion;
  4. My reaction is…, etc.

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