Posted on August 2009

Research Papers Proposal

research papers proposalA research paper proposal is a paper that informs briefly on the major issues of your research paper. Research papers proposal is handed in to your supervisor for him/her to estimate your future project in general. It is a kind of a draft you may use when giving the speech at your dissertation defense presentation.
The 1st step you should take, when writing your research paper proposal, is to make a plan. Show it to your supervisor for him/her to edit, if necessary, and direct you to the right way of writing your future proposal.
One of the most important things about writing research papers proposal is that students should choose the right topic, because covering the topic you like and having enough sources to cover it, opens an opportunity to become a winner in this difficult battle between knowledge and illiteracy.
The research papers proposal should present your plans about the research conducting, your purposes, expectations, methods you are going to apply, the equipment you intend to use, the subject and the object of your investigation.
The main body of the research papers proposal should tell about the research procedure briefly and show the ways of achieving the purposes of your investigation. Tell about data you are going to present in the main body of your paper.
Your research paper proposal should also inform on the kind of appendixes you are going to attach to your research paper. The main thing is that you should explain why you have decided to choose this very kind of appendices.
Thus, if you write a good research paper proposal, your tutor will get a good impression out of your research paper project.

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