Academic research proposalIf you are planning to study in a higher educational institution, sooner or later you will be given a task to write an academic research proposal.
Defining an academic research proposal, one can say that this is the preparation stage of the dissertation writing process and its purpose is to persuade the dissertation committee that proposed ideas should be developed further.
You are unlikely to gain approval of your academic research proposal if you do not have a sufficient amount of experience in working with this issue. Basically, this paper should be based on the studies and researches you have already conducted.
Besides, an academic research proposal is not a fifty pages long dissertation, but a brief and convincing presentation of a research plan. Any academic research proposal is built on three essential elements:

  • Academic research proposal’s rationale: reasoning why your particular issue is important in terms of the course you are studying.
  • Academic research proposal’s review: on the one hand, the problem you are suggesting should be new; on the other hand – all available theories on this problem should be mentioned.
  • Academic research proposal’s outline: any information on the methods and approaches you are going to use, the time line and available resources will be relevant for this section.

Each committee has its own requirements for academic research proposals. So, the first thing you need to do is to find out what you are actually expected to do. In particular, you need to know what structure to follow, what writing style you are required to use and other relevant information.
Academic research proposal writing is only the first stage of your work on the project. So, do not spend too much time working on it. But if you manage to approve your academic research proposal, do not hesitate to move on to writing the dissertation itself.

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