Posted on September 2009

Essays on Shoplifting: Counting the Losses

essays on shopliftingShoplifting is not the most complicated topic to cover in essays. However, have you already decided how to write your essay on shoplifting and what to discuss?
Most probably, all your peers will write something like “Economic effects of shoplifting”, provide some statistics in their essays on shoplifting, etc. Well, it is not a bad idea to highlight in essays on shoplifting. Maybe, this is exactly what your teacher is waiting for. Besides, economic effects of shoplifting are rather serious. Particularly, they influence prices on various items in stores that suffer from shoplifting.
However, we suggest you go beyond your teacher’s expectations and write a more captivating essay on shoplifting. It will be about a real store and real losses, and you know that real-life problems significantly increase your chances of getting a good grade.
So, this is what you should do to prepare your essay on shoplifting.

  • Choose a store that you want to write about in your essay on shoplifting, better a department store chain;
  • Go and talk to their Loss Prevention Officer to find out what items are commonly stolen in this store.
  • After that, you will have to make some simple calculations for your essay on shoplifting. Count how much money the whole chain loses per day, per month, and per year.
  • Then, you just have to analyze the results of your investigation and draw conclusions about the real effects of shoplifting.

By the way, talking about the Loss Prevention Officers is a very good idea. You will get a lot of interesting and exclusive information for your essay on shoplifting.
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