English literature essaysIt seems like you are pretty good at both English literature and essay writing. However, each time you get your English literature essays back from a teacher, you see B’s.
Every time, you analyze teacher’s comments, look through free essays on English literature to check how other students write and try to improve your papers. Yet, you still cannot get what you do wrong and what you should do to get A’s on your English literature essays.
Well, you have to start with the very basics of writing essays on English literature. Most probably, you have missed something at the very beginning and make the same mistakes all the time.
Below, we have highlighted several essential things you should know about essays on English literature.
Purposes of writing English literature essays
Are you sure you understand why you write English literature essays? Teachers have two major reasons for assigning this task:

  1. They want you to examine works of English literature thoroughly;
  2. They want you to prove that you understand these works.

Understanding of works of literature
At a glance, it seems like you understand what you read and can explain it clearly in the essay on English literature. However, very often it turns out that students do not get a lot of specific aspects and details like language used, tone of a book, author’s points of view, or even the structure of chapters. Make sure you get the smallest details before you start writing English literature essays.
Writing essays on English literature
Many students get down to writing essays on English literature right after they finish reading. Yet, what about additional research and notes? What about your arguments and evidences? What about the proper structure of the essay? All these aspects should be thought over before you get down to writing.
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