Persuasive Essay Writing
It is not uncommon for a student to find himself/herself at a point in their academic career where they are required to engage in Persuasive Essay Writing. Persuasive Essay Writing requires that the student not only carries out an analysis of the subject of the essay but also convinces the reader of his/her viewpoint on the subject. The purpose of Persuasive Essay Writing therefore is to allow the student to exercise persuasion skills and polishing critical analysis skills in the process.
Introduction to Persuasive Essay Writing
Persuasive Essay Writing generally begins by establishing a strong and well found thesis statement that the essay aims to validate or negate by the time it reaches its conclusion. A persuasive essay can be written by following a few key steps.
Basic Structure used in Persuasive Essay Writing
Establish the thesis statement for the persuasive essay. Identify the position that the paper will take with regard to the thesis statement. Briefly present opinions on the subject of the essay given by different people. Criticize the opinion presented above. Provide evidence to validate exercised criticism. Bring persuasive essay to conclusion by reviewing thesis statement and presenting concluding argument
Essential Purpose of Persuasive Essay Writing
It is necessary to realize that the purpose Persuasive Essay Writing is not to simply validate or negate the thesis statement during the course of the essay but to persuade the reader. The reader has to be convinced of the authenticity of the stance that the writer of the persuasive essay has taken. It is for this reason that the Persuasive Essay Writing ends by presenting the concluding and final argument instead of ending on the assertion of the thesis statement.

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