Essay length is a requirement that not only defines a number of words that an essay contains, but also influences its topic and content. Since the very beginning of working on an essay, a student should mind required essay length. The article discusses how essay length should be taken into account.
Essay Length: How Long Should an Essay Be?
There is no common standard for essay length: it can vary according to an assignment. Considering essay length, there are three the most widespread types of essays in academic writing:

  1. Five paragraph essay. This essay is quite short: it consists of an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusive paragraph. Each paragraph consists of 3-4 sentences.
  2. Two-page essay. In this case, essay length does not exceed 500-550 words. A two-page essay is organized analogically to a five paragraph essay: an introduction, a body, a conclusion. However, a number of paragraphs are implied to be bigger.
  3. Four-page essay. This kind of assignment implies that essay length is about 1100-1200 words. It also consists of an introduction, a body and a conclusion; however, in an essay body, a student is able to provide a deeper and a wider investigation. Sometimes an essay body is divided with subheadings.

Essay Length: How Should It Be Considered?
Two pages is the most widespread essay length required by assignments that student get. If you have got used to writing two-page essays, you will have to adapt to another essay length:

  1. If you are to write a five paragraph essay, choose a topic that is narrower than you always develop. Make an essay be devoted to giving a straight answer on a single question.
  2. When writing a four-page essay, make a topic somewhat broader so that you will have enough ideas or material to cover the whole essay length.

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