term-paper-topicsNormally, professors try not to limit students and allow them to choose term paper topics independently. There are plenty of questions that you may discuss. If you are looking for interesting and original ideas, this article is just what you need.
Term Paper Topics: Questions Related to Social Sciences
If you major in psychology, cognitive science, or education, you may discuss one of the following questions and prompts:

  1. Discuss the so-called Flynn Effect. How do modern scholars explain the fact that IQ level has dramatically risen in the course of the twentieth century.
  2. Explain the importance of emotional intelligence.
  3. What are the current explanations of the savant syndrome?
  4. How can role-playing games shape the identity of a person?
  5. What are the criticisms of behaviorism as a theory of learning?
  6. Identify the major agents of socialization. How do they affect the psychological development of a person?
  7. Discuss Albert Bandura’s theory of social learning. Is it relevant to modern day education?
  8. What is the theory of multiple intelligences? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this model?
  9. Discuss developmental stages singled out by Jean Piaget. How can his theory be applied to the education of children?
  10. What are the major heuristic biases? How do they affect our decision-making?

Term Paper Topics: Political Science, Economics and Law
Provided that you want to find a term paper topic related to economics, legislation, or political sciences, you will also find this article very interesting. Here are some of the questions that you can use for your assignment:

  • What are the criticisms of free trade theories? Which of them are justified and to what extent?
  • Discuss the law of competitive advantage. Can it be applied to modern-day economy?
  • Can the policy of protectionism be justified? What are the cases when such a policy is necessary?
  • What are the key premises of behavioral finance?
  • What is laisser-faire economy? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
  • Should legislators pay more attention to the regulation of the financial industry and why?
  • Does existing legislation promote the interest of every community member?
  • Express your views on the issue of redistribution of income. Is it possible to justify it ethically or rationally?
  • What are the key lessons of the recent economic recession?
  • How did the economic crisis change modern companies?

term-paper-ideasTerm Paper Topics: Ethics and Its Application to Modernity
People who need term paper ideas may also pay attention to ethical theory and practice. There are plenty of questions that may be of great interest to you, for instance:

  1. The main difference between utilitarian and deontological ethics. How are they applied nowadays?
  2. Can the idea of capital punishment be reconciled with existing ethical theories?
  3. Can ethical theories be applied to international relations?
  4. Discuss the importance of ethics for scientific research. Provide some examples of studies that violated ethical principles.
  5. What are the ethical aspects of conducting clinical research in developing countries?

On the whole, you can choose from plenty of topics for term paper. Hopefully, this assignment won’t create any difficulties for you.

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