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Good College English Essay Topics

Arrangement with notes and notebook.

During an exam, you may choose a college essay topic that you have covered before in order to score a high grade.

It means that the more topics you practiced, the higher your chances are to score an excellent grade. For practice purposes, we suggest you several college English essay topics.

  • Did college life change your vision of what is wrong and what is right?
  • How did your attitude toward your home change after you entered a college?
  • Is there any benefit that college students may get from participation in extracurricular activities? Explain why.
  • Every year a number of teen-agers run away from home. What do you think the main causes for that are?
  • Very often college students fail exams. What do you think is the main reasons for that?
  • Does your public image differ from your private self? How? Explain.
  • Imagine that you have to risk your life. Discuss why you would do it.
  • Do you think that college is a good place to find out who you are? Explain why.

As soon as you have chosen one of the college English essays topics, think over the issues you will discuss in your future essay paper. You should make it perfect, starting with ideas up to grammar and format. Tips given below can help you make your college English essay properly.

☝️ Be consequent

Do not turn your college English essay into the ravings of a madman.

❌ Avoid repetitions

Otherwise, your college English essay will be hard and boring to read.

Avoid complicated sentences and constructions

College English essays grades may be spoiled due to numerous grammar mistakes.

😂 Use humor

Thus, college English essays will be catchy

🗯️ Include a couple of aphorisms

Just in order to show your erudition.

✔️ Check and check back

Do it unless your college English essay sounds perfect!

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