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Essays on Thomas Hardy: The Great English Poet and Novelist

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Indeed, Thomas Hardy is one of the greatest English poets and novelists. His poems were first published when he was 50, but they became popular very quickly, and millions of people love them till the present days.

Now, this great poet is the main character of your written assignment. What are you going to write about in your essay on Thomas Hardy? What will you focus on: his biography or his novels and poetry?

We suggest you discuss these both points in your essay on Thomas Hardy. The thing is that (like with many other writers) his biography had a huge impact on what he was writing about. Therefore, before you start writing your essay on Thomas Hardy, do the following:

  • Find his biography and study it carefully. If you have a chance, better study several sources.
  • Read a couple of his novel and poems. Do you agree that his works are influenced by his life?

By the way, we are sure that after reading his works, you will definitely come up with some ideas to cover in your essay on Thomas Hardy. However, if you are looking for some hints in this article, you will certainly find them.

Here are a couple of topic ideas for essays on Thomas Hardy.

Descriptions, settings, landscape in the works of Thomas Hardy

Take two-three poems as examples for your essay on Thomas Hardy. Compare how settings are described in each poem. Explain how these descriptions contribute to the overall atmosphere of the poems.

Image of women

After reading the works of Thomas Hardy, what can you say about his attitude to women? Again, take any work as an example for your essay on Thomas Hardy. Find relevant quotations to use as supporting facts in your paper.

Hardy’s biography

Find particular poems of Thomas Hardy that you believe depict some events from Hardy’s biography. Analyze these works in your essay on Thomas Hardy.

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