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This rewording tool is an exceptional mechanism that can help you to modify and improve your text. It automatically replaces words with their synonyms, taking information from a vast thesaurus. The reword generator is applicable for any type of writing, from academic to a creative one.

Quit worrying about unintentional plagiarism or repetitive vocabulary! With our reworder, you can excel at any writing assignment or project.

To use the tool, follow the steps below:

  1. Take the text that you need to reword.
  2. Copy and paste it in the form (or retype it, if you wish).
  3. Click the button.
  4. Receive the reworded text with the same meaning!

There are several prime reasons to employ our tool in your tasks. The website’s experts prepared this article to show you a few of them. Find out how the reword generator can assist you with your studies or work.

Without further ado, see the next sections.

📋 When Do You Need a Reworder?

We could’ve talked for hours, explaining where you can use the reword tool. Instead, let’s focus on the most prominent motives why a person may need it.

The three prime reasons to employ the generator:

  1. Avoid plagiarism. There can be a limited amount of words that you can use while discussing a narrow topic. Thus, you may accidentally copy someone in a paper. With an automatic reworder, you won’t have to deal with it, as the tool will eliminate any plagiarism.
  2. Write in a unique way. If you struggle to find new ways to express your thoughts, feel as if you repeat yourself way too often, then use our tool. It will pick synonyms, which can refine your text and rid it of redundancy.
  3. Develop your style. As an aspiring writer, you may want to polish your works, making them more memorable. In this case, you are better to develop your personal style that will add originality to your writing. Our reword generator can help with that too!

Having dealt with the basics, we should dive deeper into the rewording tool’s application. In the sections below, we’ve examined how it can help you upgrade your articles, stories, and essays.

💻 To Write an Article

One of the best ways to use our reworder is to improve your articles. Either it’s a post for your personal blog or a report for a periodical, this generator will provide you with appropriate synonyms.

Try it out to make sure!

  1. The reword tool will clarify your text.

    When you feel unsure about your wording and suspect that your readers may get confused, rewordify your writing. Our generator will offer you other options and show how to add certainty to your article. Convey your exact message to your readers.

  2. It will add variety to your text.

    As an article reworder, our generator will eliminate redundant phrases and dull expressions. You won’t have to develop new ways to explain your ideas when your tool can do it for you.

  3. The generator boosts your creativity.

    Writing an article, you strive to be original not only content-wise but in your structure and presentation. Especially when the required format isn’t set in stone. Use our word changer to see different ways to organize your text and look at it from another perspective.


Viewing various versions of the same article can open our eyes to some inconsistencies regarding its message. Online rewording is an opportunity to revise your text and ensuring its high quality.

✎ To Write a Story

If for some reason, you consider that your creative writing requires a more unusual lexicon, this page is for you. Our generator will provide you with a wide variety of synonyms for every occasion.

Besides, you can take advantage of the paragraph reworder in the following:

  • Writing dialogues.

    Creating believable characters is nearly impossible without proper dialogues. When you’re striving to attain this realism in a conversation, each participant should have their distinct way of talking. Having finished the discussion, copy and paste the lines of one character and reword them. This way, you’ll ensure that their wording differs from that of another talker.

  • Fixing paragraphs.

    Sometimes a part of your writing just doesn’t feel right. Either the phrasing or organization is wrong, but you can’t figure exactly what. You understand that you should rewrite it, yet the starting point is unclear. Thus, employ our free tool to reword your sentences! See what can be changed in your paragraph so that it is flawless. The new version can fix your problem or show you the right direction.

  • Polishing your style.

    Being an author, you probably want to acquire your unique writing manner or compose in a particular one. A story may require a specific style, or you may wish to try something new. This is where our word changer can help. Rewordify your text and see whether it improves the style.

📝 To Write an Essay

For nailing an academic paper, you should take hold of numerous factors and rules. Researching, picking useful information, outlining, and writing are time-consuming and challenging on their own. Worrying about rewording sources can be too much to handle.

As an essay reworder, our generator can do the following:

  1. It ensures an academic style. Your essay or research paper should contain specific vocabulary, lacking informal language. To find relevant synonyms, rewordify the text and see what words are more fitting.
  2. It improves your structure. Before composing, students tend to outline their papers to distribute information appropriately. However, the final result may seem imperfect. Find out what your essay organization lacks with the help of our word changer.
  3. It saves you from plagiarism. In an academic essay, you usually need evidence to support your arguments. You have to provide a list of sources and repeat data from them. Unfortunately, you can’t put quotation marks around every idea that you want in your paper. To escape plagiarism, you should reword a sentence and only then add it in a paragraph.

To sum up, our tool will save you from mistakes and help to focus on your paper’s content. Getting an A+ for an essay has never been more manageable.

👨‍🏫 How to Write Concisely?

This reword generator doesn’t delete words from your document but replaces them. Nonetheless, probably, you should consider getting rid of unnecessary or obscure items. Complicated expressions and grammar may make your writing too vague or confusing.

To write more concisely, try the techniques below:

  1. Delete unnecessary words.

    Reread your text attentively. Look for phrases and expressions that don’t contribute anything to the message or style and eliminate them. That includes filler words, like “that,” “up,” or “of.”

    Before: The dog of yours that you like so much acts weird today.

    After: Your dog acts weird today.

  2. Use an active voice.

    Even though a passive voice is a right form, don’t overuse it. It sounds less persuasive and direct, affecting your tone and overall meaning. Thus, try to implement a more active voice.

    Before: The words in the text were rearranged by an online generator.

    After: An online generator rearranged the words in the text.

  3. Minimize your adverbs.

    Once again, there is nothing wrong with employing adverbs when they are appropriate. However, you should avoid overfilling your text with them, as they make your writing weaker and unclear.

    Before: I’m unbelievably worried about your daughter’s health because she is so young and extremely weak.

    After: I’m worried about your daughter’s health because she is young and frail.

  4. Replace ambiguous expressions.

    Your writing should lack vague phrases that don’t transfer your message. With a massive amount of them, your reader may lose focus and interest. Try implementing more direct vocabulary and expressions.

    Before: It has come to my notice that the main entrance to your residence turned out to be unclosed.

    After: I noticed that your front door was open.

  5. Keep your sentences short.

    Now we’re talking about more informal writing, not academic. Research papers and essays have a required limit of words in one sentence, varying from 25 to 30 words. Yet in other texts, like articles or creative writing, you should cut your sentences down to 20 words maximum.

    Before: Sometimes, I don’t understand what you’re talking about, mainly when you discuss microbiology or physics with your friends, which makes me feel stupid and small-minded.

    After: Sometimes, I don’t understand what you’re talking about, mainly when you discuss microbiology or physics with your friends. It makes me feel stupid and small-minded.

Thanks for reading until the end of the page! Now go back to the rewording tool and put it to its intended use. Recommend it to your peers when they need their text reworded as well.

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