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Ideas for Lent Essays

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Once a year people get an opportunity to re-evaluate own life.

This period is known as Great Lent. It lasts forty days.

During this period people fast and pray.

So, you may get an assignment to prepare a Lent essay. There are four ways of writing it:

  • The best option is to find a person who can give you all necessary information: the history of this Great Lent, how it is celebrated, etc. Thus, you have interesting materials to present in Lent essays and you do not have to spend days looking for some facts, history, etc.
  • If there is no one among your close friends and relatives who can support you in writing the Lent essay, you can go to a church and talk to a priest. This is the person who can definitely help you write your Lent essay.
  • If two other variants do not work for you, the next option is the Internet. Search for interesting facts and materials. Present only the most catchy and essential issues in your Lent essay. Do not go too deep into the details.
  • The other option is the Bible. Actually, this is the source of history, supporting facts and all other information you need to write Lent essays. You should definitely insert quotations taken from the Bible and explain their meaning in your Lent essay.

In the Lent essay you can describe the main idea of this period. There are three main things that should be observed. These are praying, fasting and almsgiving.

Great Lent is the time for self-actualization. You can describe in Lent essays the things that a person can and cannot do during this period of time. This is the time to repent Mention that it is better not to loose a chance to confess. This time is blessed for such things.