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Describe Yourself Essays: Sure-Fire Ways to Make an Excellent Essay

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At a glance, writing Describe Yourself essays seems to be an easy task. Sure, we do not mean that you will face some real challenges while preparing your Describe Yourself essay.

However, your essay might be either just another boring reading or an exciting paper for your teacher.

We are sure you will not choose the latter option. Therefore, let us explain you how to write excellent Describe Yourself essays.

The content of your Describe Yourself essay

Needless to say, writing Describe Yourself essays boils down not only to describing your appearance. You may include the following:

  • details about your family;
  • your hobbies, things you like and dislike, favorite places;
  • your role model, favorite celebrities;
  • some weird things about you, your ambitions, dreams, goals, accomplishments, mistakes made and lessons learned;
  • political and religious views, etc.

How to get inspired to write Describe Yourself essays

If you face the writer’s block and do not know how to start writing your Describe Yourself essay, just come up to the mirror. Look at yourself and try to imagine that the person you see is not you, but someone else. What can you tell about this person? Make the first draft of your Describe Yourself essay talking about yourself in the third person, e.g., “Mary is an easy-going girl”.

How to make Describe Yourself essays more impressive

A mere description will not help to make an outstanding Describe Yourself essay. Try the following strategies:

  • add a quotation from a song that you think describes you;
  • write a quote from your favorite book that can characterize you;
  • compare yourself to a movie/cartoon hero.

You may also start with studying sample Describe Yourself essays. However, all people are different. Thus, stories of other guys may not fit you.

You can use our tips for writing short descriptive essays or an essay on the person who has had the greatest impact on your life.