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10 Steps of Thesis Writing

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Writing a thesis is always a very complicated task that requires much time to be spent on thinking, analyzing, researching and drawing the right conclusions.

That is why our 10 steps of thesis writing can be very useful.

1st Step of Thesis Writing

Choose the topic for your thesis. Make sure you will be able to find enough sources to investigate the topic you have chosen. You do not want to change the topic and be in a hurry in order to prepare your thesis on time.

2nd Step of Thesis Writing

Collect the sources. The most important factor promoting successful writing of your thesis is relevant information. Resort to the public library, your university library, the internet resources, latest research papers, etc.

3rd Step of Thesis Writing

Make a plan of your thesis. It is necessary that you consult your supervisor on the plan of your thesis.

4th Step of Thesis Writing

Compose the introduction of your thesis. Say what you will be investigating and how you are planning to do it.

5th Step of Thesis Writing

Present data taken from the sources you have collected. Be very attentive when copying data from the source found.

6th Step of Thesis Writing

Interpret your data. This point implies that you express your personal point of view on the basis of what you have read.

7th Step of Thesis Writing

Draw a strong conclusion. To make a good conclusion means to answer the questions “What did you investigate? Did you manage to achieve your purposes? Did you face any difficulties? What helped you overcome them?” Give your recommendations.

8th Step of Thesis Writing

Make appendices. It is extremely essential to make them if you want your grade to be high.

9th Step of Thesis Writing

Edit the final variant of your thesis.

10th Step of Thesis Writing

Enjoy your work done!