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Descriptive Essay: Be Observant and Genuine in Your Writing

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Descriptive essay writing is an absolutely amazing kind of writing that allows students show their creativity and enjoying their work. There are several hints that will help you to make your descriptive essay bright and memorable. Consider our recommendations and succeed in your descriptive essay writing.

Choosing a Subject

Essay writing always begins with choosing a subject and then, a topic. In case of a descriptive essay, the rule works: the more original subject you choose, the better. In your descriptive essay, you should demonstrate how you see this world, and which details attract your attention.

An endless sunflower field, wet grass after the rain, a funny gesture of your sister, your first football game – see beauty and excitement in any thing around you and express your feeling in a descriptive essay.

Being Observant and Sincere

Descriptive essay writing implies that you pay attention to what your five senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell – tell you. Besides, you should listen to what your heart tells you about a subject. This can be applied to every subject that you may choose for your descriptive essay.

Let’s try to talk about a birthday cake that you might describe in your descriptive essay:

  1. Sight. The cake was really huge. It was decorated with an incredible castle made of cream and something else – I was so impatient to find out what is inside it.
  2. Touch. I was so excited about the cake and everything around me that I decided not to wait and grabbed a big piece of that wonderful castle – oh, how my friends laughed! I still remember cream in my hands and my attempt to eat it all.
  3. Emotions. The cake was decorated with ten candles. I closed my eyes and made a wish. That was a wonderful moment: I felt that I would reach my goal however hard I would have to work. Now I really do everything to make my dream come true, and when I feel I am stuck, I recollect that cake and go further.