Maltese Falcon Essays

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Very often students of different academic institutions are assigned to write essays on movies. One of such movies that you may be assigned to write a paper about is Maltese Falcon, 1941, directed by John Houston.

If you are reading this article, you must be probably in an urgent need of a useful piece of advice on writing Maltese Falcon essays.

In this case, this article is certainly what you need, since it suggests you building up your Maltese Falcon essay in the following way:

  • First attempts of Houston to shoot a detective. In this part of your Maltese Falcon essay, present a general picture of that time Hollywood. You may say that detectives were not that frequently produced yet, and Houston made this movie for Warner Brothers. Being the introductory part of Maltese Falcon essays, this paragraph certainly lacks a statement. For example, you can aim to evaluate Houston’s debut in the opening part of your Maltese Falcon essays;
  • Movie shooting. Inspite of being a low-budget movie, Maltese Falcon became famous. This part of Maltese Falcon essays can aim to analyze the means by which the movie became that famous. Here you may also mention numerous castings for actors and actresses. The ways the actors played their main parts are also worth evaluating in Maltese Falcon essays;
  • General conclusion. The final part of Maltese Falcon essays should include a general conclusion on everything said in the body. Your conclusion should also answer a research question or prove the accuracy of the thesis statement set in the introduction.

Thus, Maltese Falcon essays produced according to the scheme presented will comprise the elements of a book report and critical review. Maltese Falcon book reports online can help you with making your Maltese Falcon essay.