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Ideas for Your Peace and Conflict Studies Dissertation

Intercultural friends showing peace sign.

Peace and war are the terms that are as old as humankind. Throughout the history people were waging wars and living peacefully for some time. Some nations were constantly living in conflicts for certain reasons.

Our modern world is also full of various conflicts. Perhaps this lies in the human nature. Anyway, there is special academic field that studies war and peace. Its main purpose is investigating and analyzing the violent and non-violent behaviors, studying some mechanisms of the conflicts.

This academic field seems to be very interesting for writing a dissertation. If you decide to write your work in this field, perhaps you need some dissertation ideas. We have some dissertation ideas that can help you develop your research better.

It is a good dissertation idea to divide your work into two major parts: peace studies and conflict studies. Thus, your paper will have a structure that you will broaden out in the course of writing.

Our next dissertation idea concerns particularly peace studies. In your dissertation you should introduce three major concepts of peace.

  1. First concept states that the condition of peace is natural for people, while war is not
  2. Second concept asserts that war is a great sin and all the world religions condemn it.
  3. Third concept is the concept of pacifism. I think it is a good dissertation idea to study this phenomenon as a separate chapter of your work.

Among our dissertation ideas you can find the idea of highlighting the term of conflict triangle in your dissertation. Briefly, conflict triangle introduces 3 main types of violence that help understand the meaning of peace better.

  • I think a perfect dissertation idea is to investigate such a question as teaching peace to the military. Think how you would introduce it to people whose job is warfare and killing people. By the way, it is an interesting dissertation idea to write your work exactly on this topic.

I think these dissertation ideas will help you make profound research for your dissertation.