Writing an A+ Essay on An Inspector Calls

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Writing essays on literature can be rather challenging. One of the problems students usually face is a misunderstanding of the author’s message.

This time you have to write an essay on “An Inspector Calls” by J. Priestley. At a glance, the book seems to have no message at all, and this might confuse you a bit: what should you write about in essays on “An Inspector Calls?”

However, if you take a deeper look at the play, you will find quite a number of ideas and topics conveyed in the book. Cannot you find them? No? Then, we will help you.

The theme of supernatural power

One of the themes that you can touch upon in “An Inspector Calls” essays is the theme of supernatural power. Many literary critics consider that inspector Goole himself is the embodiment of supernatural forces, making people feel guilty for the sins they committed. Do you agree or disagree with them? Express your opinion about it in the essay on “An Inspector Calls”.

The author’s attitude to power

Another interesting idea to discuss in essays on “An Inspector Calls” is the author’s criticism of lies and power. Priestley viewed power through the alembic of lies. He thought that power made people lie and be immoral.

Find the lines in the text that can support this argument and present them in your “An Inspector Calls” essay.

Criticism of political ideas

Priestly was not only a talented writer. He was also good at politics. In the play, he criticized political ideas of his society using irony. So, you can devote “An Inspector Calls” essays to the criticism of political ideas. When covering this idea in “An Inspector Calls” essays, refer to the history of Priestley’s age. Did he depict it vividly? Was his criticism grounded? Use our hints for critical essay writing for this purpose.

A correct understanding of the issues presented above will help you create an informative essay on “An Inspector Calls” and get an A+. If you still cannot decide on a topic, use free “An Inspector Calls” essays to find some ideas there. So, good luck!

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