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Interpreting the Results

Now that you finished the checking, what is the next step? Result interpretation. For now, our AI detector doesn’t offer definitive answers as it undergoes progressive improvement.

The picture illustrates the results that this AI detector provides.

You can interpret the results based on the color our AI essay detection tool assigns to different text parts.

🟢 Green Green means given words frequently occur in given sequences: they fall under the top 10 predicted words in the analyzed context. Therefore, an AI writing bot will most probably select them when creating papers.
🟡 Yellow Yellow words occur in sequences but not as frequently as green ones. They fall under the top 100 predictable variants within the given context. AI tools may still use them, though not as frequently as the green ones.
🔴 Red Red words fall under the top 1,000 predictable variants. AI tools are even less likely to fit them into generated texts.
🟣 Violet Violet words mean the lowest possibility of being used by AI writers.

If the word choice in a text is highly predictable, it will appear predominantly green and yellow, flagging the text as AI-created.

Inversely, if our tool shows more yellow and violet words, the chances of it being written by a human are high.

Based on these evaluations, you can see how your professor will see your text and whether it looks like a human product or not.

🔎 AI Essay Detection Tool - How Does It Work?

With the rise of disruptive AI technology like ChatGPT, many busy students have started using AI tools to generate essays or their parts. However, submitting such a work is always a risk, even if Turnitin says your essay is fine in terms of plagiarism.

New instruments have emerged to detect AI-generated essays, and our free AI essay detection tool can help you assess your assignment before submission.

This online detector catches blatant AI signs and warns you about these parts’ easy detection by the professor, thus allowing you to polish a paper and avoid an F. Our tool uses the same text algorithm AI generators employ by analyzing the predictability of subsequent sentence words.

🤖 Natural Language Processing & AI Writing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a machine learning technology that enables artificial intelligence to read and write texts.

The picture defines Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.

It simulates the human ability to understand natural languages like Swahili, Japanese, or Spanish.

The process includes 2 main components:

  1. Natural Language Understanding (NLU).
  2. Natural Language Generation (NLG)

These two mimic human natural language processing abilities, such as summarizing information or participating in dialogues.

First, the NLU utilizes computer software to understand sentence inputs using speech or text.

How does it work?

To put it simply, it enables computers to understand commands without the formal syntax of computer languages. It also lets machines communicate back to people in their languages. It creates chat and voice-powered robots that interact with people without supervision.

NLG is also an AI-powered software process. This technology produces natural written or spoken languages from unstructured or structured data.

For instance:

It transforms numerical data into reports people can easily understand, for example, financial reports or weather updates.

This technology has matured in the last decade, allowing tech giants to produce assistants such as Siri and Alexa. These systems analyze unlimited text-based data consistently and objectively. They understand concepts within complex contexts and decode ambiguous language extracts. This way, NLP technology extracts crucial facts and relationships between variables and can provide summaries of large data volumes.

🕵 Chat GPT Essay Detection – Is It real for Now?

AI-generated papers are opening the next frontier in intellectual dishonesty. Many students use AI-powered bots to do their assignments and claim undeserved grades. ChatGPT, a recently released advanced bot producing high-quality texts, has become a game-changer in this area.

Why is it so?

Materials generated with the use of GPT 3 technology are very human-like. That’s why Chat GPT essay detection by conventional plagiarism checkers is problematic.

However, it’s not only about cheating; it can be used in many ethical ways to simplify the study progress.

How exactly?

For instance, you can apply this tool’s usefulness to find inspiration or boost your writing skills without cheating. Thus, if you use AI to generate some parts of the text or organize your arguments, we recommend running it through our Chat GPT essay detection tool to see whether it looks human enough and won’t cause you trouble.

Our tool utilizes the same algorithm AI essay generators use to create papers. Its core capability for detecting AI-generated papers lies in predictable word patterns. Unlike human-generated texts, AI-produced papers lack creativity because they can’t generate original ideas. Instead, it depends on existing human-written materials to write. This way, detecting bot-generated assignments is easy.

📃 Tips for the Ethical Use of AI in Essay Writing

Much controversy surrounds ChatGPT, but is there a way to use it ethically?

The picture lists the ways to ethically use Chat GPT in academic writing.

Sure! Below are five top ways to use this bot without cheating.

  • Generating thesis statements. Sometimes, you may lose your creative knack for generating thesis statements. You can use AI to create well-formulated statements containing at least three core arguments.
  • Creating summaries. You may also use the bot to summarize texts. This usage doesn’t mean you use the tool to do your classwork. You only get condensed summaries of reading materials to study quicker.
  • Finding topic ideas. Have you run out of topic ideas? You can use the tool to generate fresh and original topics based on your prompt.
  • Writing essay hooks. If you lack mastery in hook creation, ChatGPT can structure your ideas in a fun and captivating style.
  • Paraphrasing texts. You may take advantage of this bot’s paraphrasing ability to quote someone indirectly and avoid plagiarism.

Thank you for reading this article! We hope it’s as helpful for you as our AI essay detector.

Try the other tools we’ve made to speed up the work on your assignment at different stages:

❓ Chat GPT Essay Detection FAQ

Can AI write essays?
Yes. AI-powered bots write essays and other non-academic pieces. However, these papers lack creativity and credibility because they depend on already-written materials. You can’t use them for assignments requiring creative input and research. So, avoid them if you want to develop your creative genius and grow.
How to detect AI-generated essays?
Detecting AI-generated essays isn’t rocket science, thanks to detectors available in the market. You can use our paper detector to catch essay cheats. The tool analyzes predictable word patterns in texts. It uses the same algorithms writing bots use to create these cheap essays to detect them.
Is AI creating essays a problem?
Yes. This trend is highly problematic for many reasons. First, students cheat by presenting the AI works as their own. Second, students don’t develop their creative mastery and writing skills, over-relying on technology in their studies.
Which tool can detect AI writing?
Our tool can detect any AI-written essay. You only need to paste a given number of words into a box and press a button. The detector analyzes the words and highlights original and AI-written fragments.

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