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Looking for a way to compress a paragraph online? Try out this summarizing tool! Our paragraph compressor is a practical instrument that can condense a given paragraph into concise notes. It removes the unnecessary redundancies in your text and leaves only the most essential elements. In our hasty and ever-changing world, the need for paragraph summarizer tools grows every single day.

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There are many situations when you might need the help of a paragraph summary generator. Some of them are:

  • The need to shorten one of your paragraphs to fit into the word limit.
  • The need to compress two separate paragraphs into a single one.
  • The need to summarize a paragraph from a source you want to use in your paper.

Whatever your motive might be, you are in the right place. Our experts have created this paragraph summarizer especially for you. Below, we have described how it works and how you can use it. We have also come up with a step-by-step guide explaining how to create a summary of a paragraph on your own. Finally, we've elaborated on what should be included in a paragraph summary.

✅ Paragraph Compressor Benefits

🙌 Intuitive Easy and user-friendly.
🤖 AI-powered Removes redundancies from your essay.
🚀 Quick Quickly shortens any text.
💰 Free No hidden payments or intrusive adds.

📂 Paragraph Condenser: How It Works

You might be wondering right about now – how can you possibly summarize a paragraph for me? We are happy to answer this question.

The technology of summarization.

Our automatic tool uses the method of extraction-based summarization. To generate a quality summary, the machine weights the frequency occurrence of the words in the text. Then, it estimates the significance of the phrases, employing a specific algorithm. Lastly, the tool ranks the weighted sentences according to their relevance and combines them in a brief summary.

Our paragraph to summary converter is very user-friendly. You just should follow three simple steps:

  1. Copy the text that you want to summarize.
  2. Paste it in the field above.
  3. Press the button and get the result right away!

🧩 How to Compress a Paragraph

Some students struggle with developing summaries more than research papers. Fortunately, there are specific writing strategies that will work for anyone. In the following sections, we have explored how you can summarize a paragraph or a whole text on your own.

Carefully Read the Initial Text

Before writing a summary, make sure that you clearly understand the text, including its general idea and minor details. You will need to read the given paragraph or a whole article more than once. And we have a specific strategy for you!

  • Scan the text to grasp the overall idea.
  • Read it thoughtfully, highlighting the key details and making notes.
  • Skim the passage to ensure that you have no questions left.
  • Go back to the most challenging parts and re-read them if you feel you need to.

These tips will help you understand any academic piece quicker:

  • Never skip the abstract. It always contains essential information, including all the central ideas.
  • Pay attention to headings and subheadings. They will guide you throughout the text.
  • Analyze the intro and conclusion. This way, you will see the author’s initial aim and the outcomes of the research.

Reorganize It into Manageable Parts

If you are working with an academic article or paper, it should follow the standard structure. It will be divided into parts: introduction, methods, results, and discussion.

However, if you need to summarize a non-scientific passage, divide it yourself into manageable sections. This way, you won’t struggle with shortening the whole piece but only its chunks.

Examine each paragraph to summarize a text.

Select the Most Important Information

This step involves an in-depth analysis of each section. Read through them carefully and underline the most crucial information. Come up with a short summary of each part. Ideally, write one sentence per section.

When analyzing a passage, pay particular attention to these sentences:

  • the thesis statement of the introduction;
  • topic sentences of the body paragraphs;
  • the developed thesis of the conclusion.

They always reflect the key points that you should include in your summary.

Bear in mind:

A summary does not require a retelling of every single paragraph. Aim to extract only vital information. Thus, background and additional details are not relevant enough to mention.

Start Writing

As you have all the key points, you can write a summary. Your task here is to put the essential information from the source in your own words. The best technique would be to put the text aside after reading it. This way, you’ll forget about its wording and avoid plagiarism when summarizing.

Make a coherent summary.

📍 What to Include in a Paragraph Summary

Of course, each summary has its distinctive features. The content will be completely different depending on the source material. But there are certain qualities that both you and our paragraph condenser have to include in a good summary.

Thus, a good summary:

  • Is unique and written only in your own words;
  • Conveys the central idea of the initial article/essay/book;
  • Includes and explains the most crucial parts of the original text;
  • Is written in the present tense;
  • Contains the source’s title and author(s);
  • Does not present your personal opinion or conclusions;
  • Is about one quarter the length of the initial text;
  • Does not contain any quotes.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this article! We hope that our paragraph summary generator will help you in your academic work. If you need to create a different kind of summary, you can also follow this link to our online summarizer.

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