Are you passionate on reading detective stories that mirror the reality of past time, including problems, disputes, and conflicts? The novel called Montana 1948 perfectly fits the above description because it reveals dramatic events happened to the characters in the time of racism and ignorance of human rights.
This literary work is the story about grief and disappointment, humiliation and discrimination, cruelty and family drama. This is why this narration is heavily discussed in essays on Montana 1948 that are assigned to students.
Themes and topics discussed in essays on Montana 1948:
Essay on Montana 1948: Coming of age
In your essay on Montana 1948 you can analyze David, the main character, who is considered to be the epitome of a coming-of-age person because the events of 1948 made him mature dramatically. In particular, your essay on Montana 1948 should emphasize David’s awareness that family name is very important because it impacts his reputation.
Essay on Montana 1948: Family relations
As it has been mentioned previously, family relations play a negative role in detecting Frank’s crime because David realizes that the influence of family on his life was huge. Therefore, he hesitates whether he should have contribute to the process of crime investigation.
Essay on Montana 1948: Crime and punishment
Certainly, your essay on Montana 1948 can be presented as a comparative analysis of two novels. In particular, you can compare it with Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment.
Essay on Montana 1948: Pangs of consciousness
David finds himself at the cross-roads since, on the one hand, he should do his best to defend his family from shame and disgrace and, on the other hand, he cannot leave this crime undetected because of pangs of consciousness. In your essay on Montana 1948 you should take one position and support it with arguments.

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