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Diabetes Essays: Myths about Diabetes

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Do you want to make a striking essay on diabetes? Do you want to break all existing stereotypes about this disease in your diabetes essay? Then, we suggest you devote your diabetes essay to myths about this disease.

Below, you will find some of these myths along with hints for writing diabetes essays.

Myth 1. Diabetes can be transmitted from one person to another

Many people think that diabetes is an intestinal disease transmitted by means of food. Some people also believe that diabetes can be spread by droplet transmission. When talking about this myth in your diabetes essay, say that the most important cause of this disease is genes.

Myth 2. Chocolate and sweeties are taboo things for people with diabetes

When refuting this myth in your essay on diabetes, say that sugar and sweeties can be included into the dietary intake of a person with diabetes. Naturally, eating too much sugar is not allowed; however, it is not the only cause of diabetes. If a person with diabetes takes a lot of sugar, he/she simply must do certain physical exercises.

Myth 3. A person with diabetes should eat only food for diabetics

The experts from the American Diabetic Association consider that sugar substitutes have rather a purgative effect. They also think that diabetics should keep to a certain diet. Present this viewpoint in your essay on diabetes. Approve or disapprove it by supporting your position with reasonable evidences.

Myth 4. People with diabetes are liable to catarrhal diseases more than others

People with diabetes are liable to catarrhal diseases not more than others. However, the level of glucose in blood of diabetics can raise. Thus, ketoacidosis can be developed. Find more facts and statistics on this viewpoint and present it in your diabetes essay.

You should not forget that essays on diabetes should be not only interesting and informative. Good diabetes essays should correspond to all the necessary requirements that your tutor specified.

Diabetes can also be highlighted in a nursing thesis or an osmosis coursework. If you need help with writing any of these papers, welcome to our blog!