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Catchy Ideas for The Maltese Falcon Essays

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The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett is one of the best detective novels of the 20th century. It is a mysterious story that was even adapted for the cinema several times. So, watching one of the versions can be a good beginning of your work on The Maltese Falcon essays.

However, reading the novel is definitely better if you want to produce a perfect essay on The Maltese Falcon. We are sure you will be involved into the events described, and reading the story will be a real pleasure.

Anyway, we are here to give you several good ideas for The Maltese Falcon essays. You are not going to retell the plot, aren’t you? So, choose something for The Maltese Falcon essay from the following suggestions.

Making an analysis of the main characters of the novel

Particularly, we suggest you focus on the character of Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon essay. What kind of person was he? Was he a good detective? Can you think of some features that distinguish him from other famous detectives like Sherlock Holmes, for instance? Try to answer these questions in The Maltese Falcon essay.

Discussing the issues of truth and deception

It seems like every character in the novel has own understanding of truth, deception, and ways of using them. Maybe, the author wanted to say that there are no absolute “truths” in the modern world. Express your opinion in The Maltese Falcon essay.

Talking about a city and its role in the novel

City is a great power. Sometimes it is called an evil power. Consider in The Maltese Falcon essay whether the city plays an important role in the novel. Does it help to create an appropriate mood? In The Maltese Falcon essay, you can also give your standpoint on whether the city erodes society’s moral values.

So, use one of these ideas to produce a captivating piece of writing.

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