Things You Need to Know to Write Definition Essays

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This is the first time you have to write a definition essay. You have studied the instructions of your tutor and have even looked through several examples of definition essays.

However, you still cannot get the gist of definition essays and do not know what particular steps you need to take to complete this task.

Well, then let our writers introduce you the basic things you need to know to write definition essays.

Defining definition essays

Writing definition essays boils down to defining some terms, words, concepts, or subjects. However, this kind of work is not only about giving definitions. Writing definition essays means introducing your own commentaries as well.

Challenges of writing definition essays

The main challenge of writing definition essays lies in those subjects that you are going to discuss. They can be split into two categories: physical objects and abstract terms.

Physical objects have specific properties that all people will agree with, e.g. everybody will agree with what a table or a pen is about.

Abstract terms like pain, love, or happiness might mean different things for different people. So, you have to be careful when defining such terms in your definition essay.

Choosing a subject for your definition essay

There are several principles of choosing issues to consider in definition essays.

  • Select a term that you really want to clarify. Are you interested in what marriage is? Then, choose it as the subject of you definition essay.
  • Choose something that you know well. If you do not know the exact meaning of platonic love and have never faced it in real life, it will be a bad idea to discuss this issue in your essay.
  • Your subject should be neither too broad nor too narrow. For instance, the word cup will be too narrow, while love too broad to explore it in one essay.

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