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Classification and Division Essays: The Main Writing Principles

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We know that some students cannot get the very gist of writing classification and division essays, and thus, face difficulties with this kind of essays. Indeed, what is the point of classifying or dividing information?

Actually, everything is rather simple. It is just one more way to inform the reader on something. What is more, division, in other words, can be defined as an analysis, since you will have to break bigger items into smaller categories. In fact, sometimes students are asked to write either a classification or a division essay without mixing two types.

If you lack experience in writing classification and division essays, start with an analysis of free classification and division essay samples. Try to understand the main principles of classifying information, creating categories, etc.

In this article, you will find some quick explanations of how to write a classification and division essay.

Writing principle #1

It is very important to be careful with the choice of a topic for your essay. It should be something you do understand, something that can be properly classified, and finally something interesting to the reader.

Writing principle #2

Do not start writing your classification and division essay until you have a clear purpose. You have to know for sure why you want to classify a subject; otherwise, you will have troubles when making a thesis statement.

Writing principle #3

Be sure to choose the right organizing principle. This organizing principle, in other words, means how you are going to classify the subject of your classification and division essay, not particular categories you will create. Information can be organized logically, chronologically, emphatically, etc.

Writing principle #4

Finally, make sure that you have enough evidences, examples, supporting details to provide in each category of your classification and division essay.

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